Friday, February 22

A Cute DIY Candy From Japan

Hii! It's me again! It's been a while since I posted my last article :) Let's start today with a unique DIY toy that grown ups would also like!

Have you ever heard of "Popin' Cookin"? It's a series of  EDIBLE DIY candy toys in cute shapes by Kracie from Japan.  Yep, it's indeed an edible toy. The first kind of this candy was Neruneru-nerune and it was launched on the market in 1978. The idea is to create real-like food with simple steps. It is a type of sweet in Japan that sold in the category of Intellectual Education Candy which means these are sweets you must make by yourself . This way, people can enjoy the process of making candy, which can helps their creativity to develop.

The first time I heard about Popin' Cookin' was about a month ago. Honestly, I'm kinda think it's just an average toy we find on the toy store, and for me, to eat something that supposed to be a toy is a bit weird and gross. But still, my curiousity push me to made a search on Google, and that's how I know that there's 13 series of Popin' Cookin' DIY candy, each set comes with a tray, spoons, and special mixing-with-water powders to create the food. Also, I saw the review about this toy and this is what they  say: "One thing about this DIY candy, it's not just something yummy to eat, it's an experience. Nothing puts us in a happier mood than this very cute toy. I thought it was very complicated for a children’s toy, and it made me admire the capacity children have nowadays. This is truly an intellectual education candy for the 21st Century And FYI, the review is written by an adult :P. Hmm...reading this review makes me want to try and buy one.

Just like what I said earlier, I'm so curious about
Popin’ Cookin’, so I decided to buy one. But sadly, I've searched it in every toy store in my country but I just couldn't find them. Then, I searched on Youtube, because at least I want to see the making of Popin’ Cookin’ . And finally i found some videos about Popin’ Cookin’, and the more I watch them, the more I get interested with this toy. It’s so unique! What we have to do is just mix the powder with water, and it’ll become cute small sized food we can eat. I think it taste good, based on the look and the reviews, of course. (If you want to see the making of Popin’ Cookin’ DIY candy, click here.)

At the time i finished watching the whole videos, i understand why even grown ups love it, the reason is because it's just simply and strangely mesmerizing! I mean, who doesn't want to make a real cooking toy themselves, and able to eat it right away? Also, it's not to expensive  based on what i searched, it only cost about USD$4 in Japan. And although these don’t look very healthy and a bit gross, they actually contain only natural coloring, and they take advantage of color changes due to differing pH levels. So, actually, they’ve also been designed to promote health. :)

Well, i think that's all for this time, and if i finally can find the store which sells this product, i definitely will buy and make a review of it, so just wait, okay? ;)
Thank you for reading this article and have a nice day!